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Do you have a very specific analysis to perform? The Explore module will allow you to delve into the data present in the datamart in order to answer a particular question.
Based on R or Python languages, the Explore module will allow you to specifically exploit the data present in your datamart, just like other external sources, in order to carry out ad hoc analyses.
Explore is therefore the perfect complement to our business modules: build your analytical base with our packaged methods and process the specific with Explorer, all without changing tools.
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The Explore module is based on programming languages that are standard in Data Science (R, Python), so it will be very easy for any Data Scientist to take the Explorer module in hand in order to create custom models and analyses to deal with specific problems.


The Explore module has been designed to allow you to benefit from an adapted processing infrastructure, coupled with an analysis-oriented datamart. It is therefore clearly oriented around performance to take advantage of your data and create value by exploiting it.
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