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Discover how our tool, datacadabra, supports you in the operation of your customer database.

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datacadabra: solutions throughout the data chain!


Simplified data preparation


Do you want to save time in carrying out your analyses? The Prepare module will automatically define your analysis populations, create useful aggregates and generate your analysis files.

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Packaged analyses to respond to the majority of business issues


Immediately identify your best customers by segmenting your database. You will then be able to understand their differences and particularities in order to refine your animation plan.

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Discover your customers' profile, their buying behaviour and their customer journey. You will then be able to adapt your action plans to their expectations.

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Find out at a glance which customers are likely to respond favourably to your offer or, on the contrary, which customers are less likely to subscribe to your services.

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Manage your activity and increase your turnover based on exhaustive and rapid follow-up reports.

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Learn how to situate your activity: which are the sectors where you have the best turnover, the highest penetration rate, where you are the most efficient?

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Simplified customer activation by creating targets


You have created your models and want to use them for your campaigns? The Targeting module will allow you to determine your targeting criteria and send the right message to the right customers.

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And what's more: specific modules for problems that need to be dealt with on a tailor-made basis!


Do you have a very specific analysis to perform? The Explorer module will allow you to delve into the data present in the datamart in order to answer a very specific question.

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Need to follow your activity via specific reports? The Visualiser module will allow you to set up customised BI and Dataviz to manage your activity.

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Who's datacadabra for?

Data Scientists

datacadabra allows you to save time on the most common analyses of your business while guaranteeing an exceptional level of performance.


Marketing Experts

datacadabra allows you to gain autonomy on customer knowledge, while remaining very easy to use for profiles with no knowledge of statistics.

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