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Do you want to save time in carrying out your analyses? The Prepare module will automatically define your analysis populations, create the useful aggregates and generate your analysis files.
To do so, you just have to choose in different drop-down menus the populations to be analyzed, the filters to be applied, choose the analysis date... From there, the Prepare module does everything for you: it creates the relevant samples for the analyses, builds the useful aggregates and formats the analysis files. All you have to do is launch the analysis and retrieve the results.
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Whatever analysis you wish to perform, the Prepare module has a specific data creation menu. Thus, depending on the type of analysis, the parameters, presented essentially in the form of easy-to-use selectors (radio buttons, drop-down menus, etc.), will be automatically adapted and the useful data will be directly generated.

Time saving

It is sometimes complex and tedious to retrieve all the information useful for an analysis. This is for example particularly the case for scores. In this case, the Prepare module will automatically create the working sample, the target variable and the relevant aggregates from the data in the datamart. This type of approach is also valid for other types of analysis. And this without you having to intervene. A guaranteed time-saver!
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