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Immediately identify your best customers by segmenting your database. You will then be able to understand their differences and particularities, in order to refine your animation plan.
How? Thanks to a simple and fast process! After having integrated a customer file and a file of indicators, a few basic settings will be enough to launch your customer segmentation. In just a few minutes, you will obtain a customer file enriched with the associated segment code and a report presenting the main indicators for monitoring your file by segment (key activity indicators, changes over time, passage matrix, re-purchasing, etc.).
Whether you wish to set up RFM, PMG, typology or any other type of segmentation, the Segmenter module will allow you to build the new customer file animation tool with ease.
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Whether you need to segment your contacts based on transactional, relational, behavioral or other data, our software, datacadabra offers, within the Segment module, methods adapted to your problems. You will be able to create homogeneous groups of customers allowing you to differentiate your actions.


Whatever your sector of activity, our algorithms will analyze the habits of your contacts to determine the best segmentation parameters. You will thus easily obtain a segmentation adapted to your activity and allowing you to implement actions adapted to the behaviour and expectations of the different contacts.
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