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You have created your templates and want to use them for your campaigns? The Target module will allow you to determine your targeting criteria and send the right message to the right customers.
All the data present in the datamart (raw data, scores or segments calculated following your analyses) are available to create your targets. You can thus cross-reference the notions of contactability, profile, consumption, etc. to generate lists of customers to animate on specific campaigns. The icing on the cake: you can choose the variables you wish to export.
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In order to create your targets, 4 steps are sufficient:
  • determine the filters to apply
  • define the number of clients to extract
  • choose the contact selection mode (score, random...)
  • validate the fields to export
You thus obtain in all simplicity a file to be exploited in your usual routing tools and can thus set up ultra-customized campaigns.


In order to simplify your animation actions, the Target module communicates with your usual routing tools to send your campaigns. Thus, once your target has been built, you can prepare your sending via our interface and therefore without changing tools. A simplified process to save you time and performance.
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