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Find out at a glance which customers are likely to respond favourably to your offer, or on the contrary, which customers are less likely to subscribe to your services. You will be able to anticipate their behaviour and thus adapt your offer.
It is often said that outside of the actual modeling phase, it is the preparation of data and model validation that is most important. These two phases require a lot of work from statisticians to build reliable models.
Within the Predict module, we have built various methods that combine powerful models with equation-based methods that have been proven for more than fifteen years in data preparation and model validation. Our goal: to provide you with powerful and reliable turnkey models in just a few clicks!
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The Predict module has the particularity of relying on packaged algorithms to reduce the settings as much as possible. Thus the models are simpler to implement. The time saving is thus consequent and allows to quickly exploit the results of the models in the optimization of the actions.


Our algorithms are based on an AI developed on the basis of more than 20 years of experience in the implementation of predictive models. This expertise assures us a proven model quality and increased performance in operational use.
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